Booze Vacation: A man’s journey to reinventing his relationship with Alcohol - Clifford Stephan

Season #1

 This week’s guest is Clifford Stephan, the founder of Booze Vacation. Through Booze Vacation  Clifford is encouraging other men who are casual drinkers to reflect on their relationship to alcohol and give their body a temporary reset by taking a “Booze Vacation”—an extended break from alcohol. 

The Conversation raises some interesting points and reflects on men’s relationship with alcohol and how we depend on it to socialize, celebrate, and even relax. You may also learn a great deal about the effects even a few drinks can have on the body and how long it takes to recuperate.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How alcohol is deeply ingrained in societal norms and social activities, making it challenging to consider a break from drinking.
  • How self-awareness and reflection are essential in making an authentic choice about alcohol consumption and its impact on one's life.
  • How taking a break from alcohol can have a significant impact on your health and wellness, even with low consumption.



00:00 The experiment

10:45 The Impact of Taking a Break from Alcohol

14:44 The Impact of Alcohol on Men's Health and Lifestyle

24:12 Transforming Your Life by Breaking Negative Health Habits

33:17 Taking a Booze Vacation

38:05 Rethinking Alcohol Consumption and Its Impact on Our Lives


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